Scania Golden Griffin skin RJL

Metallic skin, 4K and 8K versions included in the pack! You only need ONE of the mods in your mod folder.

i’ve also left the metallic colors unlocked, feel free to play around lol. The mod files are also open, so you can edit the skin however you want.

A Richard King version of this skin might be coming out soon.

More pics on my flickr, which you can find on the SCS forum. You can also PM me there if you want a custom golden griffin made, but not for free :p

*Sorry for the crappy pics



14 thoughts on “Scania Golden Griffin skin RJL

  1. slovakia58

    its speedy143 skin dowland from this website its original speedy143 website


    2. Hello i am a good friend and fan of Richard King so please make this MOD his trucks are awsome .thanks Andy

      1. I am making the richard king version but I’ll have to think about releasing it, since it has a lot of fine details that I need to work on and perhaps learn blender for 😉

  2. Before writing unnecessary things and better use your brain
    and respect the work of other authors.
    Why should I buy from you the work of other authors?
    I wanted to figure out who stole or copied this skin you or Speedy143?
    If you want to give me an answer I accept

    1. The skin is made by me you #####! Just because speedy made the skin first doesn’t mean I stole anything from him! Take a look at his skin and then mine. There are MAJOR differences, especially on the left side. By the way, you’re not buying anything. You’re the one who should use his brain here…

    2. How about you ask speedy the same about my weeda penoza skin compared to his? You’ll get the same reply I gave you. Just because we both made the same truck does not mean anyone copied anyone

      1. Friend: I have not offended you (use your brain for me is not an offense)
        Thank you for reminding me to use your brain,
        But I’m sorry for you but I use it very well the brain
        °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°
        I try not to create similar work to other, to avoid this kind of problem
        but if you say you add or remove a particular is not to steal or copy
        now also I will do so.
        Thanks for the reply (very comprehensive), but more could not saynow also I will do so.
        Thanks for the reply (very comprehensive), but more could not say

        1. sorry for getting mad, perhaps I misunderstood your message

  3. I forgot: friends if in doubt, here’s the answer

  4. @VaasOne, where did you get the lowred RJL?(the one you show on )

    1. Private mod

  5. jules.raton

    How could anyone accuse VaasOne of stealing skins?
    He posts his works and progress on SCS forums if anyone would take the time to look, read and thank him for this awesome skin outside of this ready-to-download site (no offense)
    I compared Vaas’ and Speedy’s and there’s no need for comparison, @VaasOne, you’re the best! Thank you!

    1. Cheers, dude! Sometimes people just don’t want to think before they speak. If someone made a skin then everyone who makes the same skin afterwards is a mod stealer haha. Indeed, if you look at speedy’s skin, the right side is not perfectly accurate to real life golden griffins, that’s why I wanted to make my own version and build everything from scratch based on real life pictures 😀

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