Scania Green Lights (Multiplayer)

This mod adds green lights to new scanias. It works on multiplayer.
Usage: In singleplayer, go to scania dealer, buy 10th Scania R or 11th Scania S. Save game and play MP. You can change parts of truck except lights.



21 Responses to Scania Green Lights (Multiplayer)

  1. Tyler says:

    Does not work in multiplayer. I do everything as it is written, but it does not work. Help me to understand.

  2. yasin28a says:

    If everything is done correctly, please be sure hdr is enabled in display settings.

    • sebakiller says:

      Hi how to make yellow classic headlight color ?

    • sebakiller says:

      Hi how to make color yellow classic headlights ?

      • yasin28a says:

        Probably you can change color of area which you lightening on road but cant change color on lamps, it will look white but lighten road yellow. If you want this, change in save file “def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/head_light/standard.sii” with truck name with another one, instead of scania.s_2016, example scania.streamline

  3. Muhammad Rafki says:

    how to make red ?

  4. chris6510 says:

    yasin so that it works must put in HDR then ..?
    Must specify ..
    thank you

  5. Tyler says:

    Народ. Не могу всё таки понять как поставить. Делаю всё так но не работает

  6. yokiller says:

    not work

  7. iTzSplashed says:

    For everyone: i know a professional modder, if you mod multiple lights in that light slot of the scania s it glows green, no other color. you cant see the lights if you have HDR disabled in your settings! Enjoy!

  8. Leo says:

    doesnt work

  9. ErrorMerror123 says:

    can you make this for a DAF105 ?

  10. le chevelu says:

    aurai tu la ligne “/def/vehicle/truck/ ETC….

    merci d avance

  11. Claudiu says:


  12. sebakiller says:

    Hi how to make yellow classic headlight color ?

  13. mirik says:


  14. Owl404 says:

    only you can see it, right?

  15. Maik Kalisch says:

    Moin ich Wollte Nur Mal Sagen Das der LKW Verboten Ist im MP Stecht in denn Regeln Drin Nur Mal So Als Info Ich Hatte Fast ein Perma Ban wegen dem LKW



  16. Rossini says:

    Hello for this mode I’ve received a pernament ban.

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