Scania H van Toorn skin




7 thoughts on “Scania H van Toorn skin

  1. Freddy Jimmink

    Why in heavens name doe You steal skins buddy and lock them! You #####!

    I was bussy with it for a friend of mine!

    Thanks SOB



  2. Just out of curiousity .. how the hell do you *steal* a skin ? It’s not the first time you keep saying that .. Do you people even claim to have rights over a skin actualy,### is this bullshit ? Are guys running a legal and registered trade mark for your work or what ?

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Look futher back mate from what i am accused and than open Your mouth mte!!

  4. I typed,i didn’t open my mouth. Second .. i asked either him or you,i didn’t acuse or neither was agressive. Third i’m not your mate. And try to keep it civil with me. I appreciate in detail your work,but that don’t give you the #### right to #### talk to me like that,got it boy ? And seriously how does your reply answer my question anyway ?

    1. I'm With Crazy

      I like how Freddy has his skins stolen BEFORE he has even released them!

      Must be the govermment monitoring his computer and then when they see him working on something they like, they hack his computer, steal his work which is still under development and release it as a finished mod..

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    My excuses dear Sir LucanM

  6. @I’m With Crazy : that was exactly my question,that i never got a reply for. Because i’m curious how does one steal a skin from another .. people actualy get in your computer and hack your work or is it because someone releases a skin that you were also working on before you did,considered as a *steal* ?! And legally and as far as i see it,the only who have real rights over these paintjobs,are the companies owning the trucks or/and the services that actualy did the paint ..

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