Scania Horn Sound v1


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This mod changes the default scania horn to the one I hear being used by many scania trucks & buses in my town.

To install, copy: Scania_Horn_Mod_Jaksims_1.0.scs into the ETS2 mod folder.



Hear the sound:

5 thoughts on “Scania Horn Sound v1

  1. There is no SCS file. Only OGG files.

  2. My apologies, i made a mistake in the readme, its supposed to be copy: not .scs

  3. KnowYourEgo

    okay,i got it to work.
    but i cant hear it on my scania.
    whats the setup you use,to produce the sound?

    1. I sampled it from a video recorded on my phone then chopped it in audacity & added some reverb. If its not sounding in your truck it may be a mod conflict.

  4. its vare good its anice

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