Scania illegal V8


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Mod Tested on 1.22
-engine 360-1300hp
-chassis 4×2
-interior black exclusive
-color V8Black + metallics

John Lee


13 thoughts on “Scania illegal V8

  1. Found it on another site a few weeks ago. What I love about this mod are mainly the main lights taken from the R700 concept. And it’s well made overall. Otherwise, there aren’t so many tuning options. But, it males me wonder if modders live in their own universe – couldn’t be that hard to pick their shop slots in a way that leaves other mods like RJL and in co-existence, especially the most prominent ones.

  2. And that’s all?, only 2-3 engines added? no other new option or something?

    1. Mostly a limited(!!!) Selection of bars and lights, can’ compare to RJL

  3. RhastalordTV
  4. password??

  5. great mod truck looks great loads of detail engine a bit underpowered for 1300 hp

  6. password?

  7. Xavier Dias

    Can anyone update this mod to work with 1.23 plzzzz……plzzzz

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