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Here is the interior which I was using longer time for my Scania R2 by Punisher, I am not using it anymore so I decided to share it with this community, I hope you like it. You should activate all of the mods to make this interior work properly.

This mod contains more mods, like the whole truck model, the vabis steering wheel and tuning pack. I can’t find the real owners of this mods so whoever is the owner of them the credits are going to him. Some of the known owners of the mods is Punisher, 50keda, balbo. There is more authors of course but I can’t find out who they are, I just re-textured the interior parts.



8 thoughts on “Scania Interior

  1. Rizki Al'anshory Thea

    cool Interior

  2. Sortavalec

    Whether it is suitable for Scania R 2008?

    1. Bobi27015

      Yes, just open the Scania R2 2014 by Punisher.scs file, then go in “vehicle” folder, then “truck” foler, and copy the folder named “scania_rcab_2009” and move it in the scs file of Scania R2008, then get back in the Scania R2 2014 by Punisher.scs file, again open the same folders as before (vehicle > truck) and now open the folder named “50k_r_high”, then open the folder “interior” and copy the “textures” folder in the same direction in the Scania R2008. So when you have done this, put the other mods which contains in this pack just remove the Scania R2 2014 by Punisher.scs the interior should work. I hope this helped you, if you have some other questions contact me on facebook:

  3. thanks a lot i was searching for a long time for an interior with red danish cloth

  4. Can someone help me? I try to set this in my 50k scania r2008. But i can’t get it in
    (Sorry for my english)

  5. ghettobootleg1

    well it doesn’t work for me I just get a tan color vabis wheel and nothing else

  6. cant get the dash to change!! help please

  7. Can this be made for GT-Mikes GTM SIM R Demo 2`?

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