Scania interior


Right its now here Scania LHD A Cab Interior
Credits to all authors for all the parts used.
Released unlocked so you can alter to your own tastes.
Exterior View
Put together by Big T
Interior View
Put together by Djaz
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5 Responses to Scania interior

  1. Per_DK says:

    Nice mod guys, working very well.
    The only problem is that now the front grill and parts of cab is not painted as before, if you used New SCANIA ver 3.0 by Dallyborr, how to solve the problem.

    • axelrol says:

      You cant fix that because all interiors what are made for stock scania will not work correctly on dallyborr’s Reworked. Only chance to get normal interior – select it with some part (sunshield or driver plate etc). This is the only way because of truck.pmg which is different on reworked from normal.


  2. carl says:

    Shame can you make a RHD version.Please

  3. Jens S says:

    Very nice mod and thanks for using mediafire, much better than the other ####.

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