Scania Jan Van Duijn R560 V8 Sound V.13.0

Hi all,

Version Scania Jan Van Duijn R560 V8 Sound V.13.0 of my V8 engine sound mod for the Scania R and Streamline is ready.
I have made it again from scratch with Fmod, i’m pretty happy with the result.
For the moment i won’t add the air brakes or gear sounds since it’s
So later i’ll add these extra sounds.
For the moment you have the most important thing : THE V8 !!! And it marks its territery in the !! tunnels !!

Oxygen, SCS


4 thoughts on “Scania Jan Van Duijn R560 V8 Sound V.13.0

  1. I’m not always happy with your sounds, but you’ve done a good job here. Nice pithy V8 sound 🙂

    1. Thanks fmad

  2. this audio file is junk! looks like a lawn mower!

  3. saper77714

    хрень, а не звук

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