Scania Kelsa Hibar


This mod only for Scania truck !
test on Version 1.7.0

Author: hamed30


10 thoughts on “Scania Kelsa Hibar

  1. really hard to look before uploading isn’t it. this mod has been uploaded a week ago with the same pictures.

  2. Why publish again exactly the same file?

    Just for clicks?

    Why some modelers/sites do not put the real version OF THE MOD in tittle? (Plz, don’t put v1.7, re edit…)

    Just for clicks?

    Why some modelers/sites publish again the same outdated and old mods?

    Just for clicks?

    and we can/must spend time/connection to download the [same mod] already downloaded?

    I hope that be just a little mistake this time.

  3. Tim Seerden

    The 2nd photo is a real photo!

    1. No #### sherlock.

    2. een week geleden ook

  4. johnnyboy56

    Will you make a kelsa multibar

  5. Floris Wedzinga


  6. gives me a lot of errors in the console

  7. can you do this to new volvo fh16 please!? 🙂

  8. Yes!
    Please make the Kelsa multibar.

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