Scania L6 engine sound mod update


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Hi all,

After the V8, it’s the turn of the L6 engine sound mod to be updated.

Almost all sound files are new for this L6.
Like for the V8, It works for the R, R2008, T, and Streamline.

The V8 i made few days ago is still the same (5.2) in this pack.

Thanks to Turbotruck for his nice blinkers.




26 thoughts on “Scania L6 engine sound mod update

  1. Stunning buddy!

    Je peux donc supprimer le sound 5.2 ?

  2. aahhh nice, good work. I love that turbowistle

    Super gemacht 🙂 sowas bräuchten wir im Multiplayer 😉

  3. kriechbaum

    ouaip :=)

  4. SmG_FuRiouZz

    How have you got your dashboard !? *-*

  5. kriechbaum vous etes francais

    1. il est francais

      1. SmG_FuRiouZz

        Moi aussi !:)

  6. Moi Belge lol :d

    1. MattV8_730

      Moi aussi Fred ! 😉

  7. obwohl der Kern des Soundes schon wieder miserable elektronisch klingt muss ich gestehen, ich bin doch angenehm überrascht. Es ist das erste Mal wo ich sagen kann deine Sound Mod diesmal hat mich überzeugt. Bravo!

  8. Too silence. Not included energy. Pensionary.I’m going to sleep.It is not a trolley. Rather be farming (traktor) voice will be better.(open pipe)
    Thanx your work before.

  9. excellent travail comme d’habitude !

  10. Sound nice.
    Keep the good work my Friend !!!!

  11. Great if you like sewing machine sounding engines on a big rig truck.

    Otherwise , zzzzzz.

  12. Why want so many user drive with windows open, it isn’t sound realistic at all.
    In real life the cabin of a truck is good isolated so with this mod you get that isolated sound which sound realistic.

    I have a tip for the users who like to drive with the windows open.
    Remove all the isolation material in your own car and make a 2 hours trip, how does your head feels after two hours driving?

  13. jameswied


  14. Kill_Frixin

    FANTASTIC job dude! i have used it for like a month now and i still love just as much as when i downloadet it 😀

  15. Faelandaea

    This is one of the top reasons why I only use mods by this author.

    @Boozer – I have no clue what sounds you were listening to but it wasn’t these. Then again you’ve never been around Scanias in real life like some of us have so the rest of us will enjoy a superb mod that sounds like a Scania 🙂

    @kriechbaum – Thank you for all of your hard sound work :)I am crossing fingers that you mod for ATS as well when it comes out 🙂

    1. kriechbaum

      i will be sure 😉

  16. Carmichael

    Best Scania sound mod ever!

  17. can u pls make the 5.2 sound work pls uppdate that one really lovde the v8 sound and not needed to hear the turbo over take the engine sound

  18. kriechbaum

    Thank you all for the compliments and criticizes.

    Mr Rude : the V8 sound is still the same in this version !

    Buy a V8 engine, and u’ll got it 😉

    1. i dont gett that more open pipe sound that u have in the 5.2 and now whit patch 1.11 there is no diffirens on orginal sound and ur mod

  19. kriechbaum

    Hi all,

    Here is last version : i just added tires and bearing sounds.

  20. tu l’as eu ou ton skin du scania? stp

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