Scania Light Sun Visor


Original model by kingmyname

If you want to change the visor color,open

Tested in version



13 Responses to Scania Light Sun Visor

  1. Holm says:

    Is this only for Scania ???

  2. willy1962 says:

    Thanks ,
    but can you explain :” If you want to change the visor color,open ”

    What must I do to make the red visor black in game ?

    I don`t have photoshop and don`t know how to skin.

    So if its not easy are you willing to make a black visor ?

  3. Jim says:

    when I try to change color it only turns up as pink ingame…wtf??

  4. Mike says:

    LOl is mein Mod

  5. Mike says:

    das visir ist von Virtual Driver by Mercedez

  6. Mike says:

    was lügt ihr hier so die ersteller seid ihr nicht.
    nehmt das raus und gibt dien richtigen erbauer an und ersteller by Virtual Driver by Mercedez

  7. GhostRunner says:

    Stolen mod.Seriously stop stealing mods and say that you are the creators. There are not that kids 8 years old who play ETS, but also adults who know them real modders.

  8. Laz Mohawk says:

    Hvorfor i hedehulede kan I ikke skrive på engelsk så man slipper for at skal google det hvis man skulle være interesseret i jeres lort…hundehoveder !!

  9. Nenad says:

    just for topline,or also for streamline?

  10. tasos978 says:

    Guys,I said who the original author of the model is,please take a moment and read the description.I REWORKED it and UPDATED to the latest pmd,so it will not cause any lags.

  11. sebastian says:

    hahahha i have it make for virtual driver my old company

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