Scania Low Rider mod

This mod change truck chasis.
Author: Gorli


9 Responses to Scania Low Rider mod

  1. Paulius says:

    Does this mod give ability to jump in air or raise up some wheels with hydraulics?
    If not the title is wrong for this mod.

  2. Flemmen says:

    Doesn’t it works?

    Is the truck high as normal?

  3. Markoz says:

    O que este mod faz amigo?

  4. Markoz says:

    e como usa ele

  5. Markoz says:

    poderia postar o mod destas rodas?

  6. Flemmen says:

    Speak english !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mattias Svensson says:

    this mod aint working? :/ i got reworked scania r500! and i’d like it to work 🙁

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