Scania LS 110/111 Alligator 1.27.x

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– Chassis 4×2 and 6×4
– 2 types of gearbox
– 2 engines (296 and 378 hp)
– Small tuning
In the kit fix, fixes problems with the rear wheels, a gallery of tractors and work in companies, as well as a package of sounds of Brazilian engines
Test on the game version 1.27

JBArtMods, Renato, Kriechbaum, Geraldo


5 thoughts on “Scania LS 110/111 Alligator 1.27.x

  1. Good Morning, JBArtMods,

    can you please have a Look to this:

    In this Mod you can find this Scania from you.

  2. Ràcz Béla

    Very Nice Mod, but please make a better V8 Sound for it, and take DLC Cab acessories and Cutains in the Truck

  3. TheDerpBomb 56

    great mod but needs a lot of work doing to it, like parts of the truck moving with the cabin when braking and accelerating, i.e blinkers on the fenders sink into the fenders under braking and the front lights and grill sink too, i believe the 110’s cabin had a very stiff cabin and didn’t roll about much at all under braking/accelerating. also, the engine sound doesn’t kick in until a certain rpm, which isn’t great. cabin and other dlc being available for the truck would be great too and a slight variation in engine noises would be great. finally, i think this would be great on steam workshop, but thats my opinion. other than these faults its a very good mod 🙂

  4. krizzy090

    Can you plz update the mod :/ i wanna use this awesome scania on 1.31/1.32

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