Scania Lupal v 2.0 + DLC

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– Fully independent model
– For sale in the showroom SCANIA
– The mod includes the following:
– Two types of chassis: 4? 2 and 4? 2 with low ground clearance;
– V8 Sound;
– 4 types of interiors: 2 rudders options: normal and Vabis;
– Three tandem trailer;
– His flaerpack;
– His shop;
– Trailer, established everywhere;
– Pressing – O, there is a red light in the cabin;
– For version: 1.23.xh
– DLC Support “Cabin Accessories”

Version 2.0:
* Fixed errors identified

Authors: KAIFARIKI, Kriechbaum, Chudy, OveRTRucK Pawe ?, Eed123, Vladimir1203, losevo58.


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  1. 1.24 version of the trailer does not

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