Scania M.Cooiman – 1.31.x

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– Standalone
– Wheels and rims
– Interior
– Sound

Truckskill, ME

DOWNLOAD 130 MB Trailer

7 thoughts on “Scania M.Cooiman – 1.31.x

  1. SiMoN3 ETS2

    zip password…

    1. ysy770724977

      I really like it! Thank you for your work! Password is not possible will not give you more skin

  2. password???

    1. SiMoN3 ETS2

      drop zip in mods folder

    2. SiMoN3 ETS2

      I bought the truck, press esc and the game crashed:(

  3. pilotchaos31

    When Daf de Vries gonna be back ?

  4. darkexplorer64

    Gameplay in HD with this Scania:

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