Scania Maarten De Ryck + Trailer


Scania Maarten De Ryck Truck with Chereau Trailer

Authors: pedro37, Petrik en Manu.Be98, zilpzalp, dustyX89 en Czachaa, V8K-Blaine ,Maxx2504 & Fred_be, Freddy Jimmink


9 thoughts on “Scania Maarten De Ryck + Trailer

  1. vladivir 84

    че это за хрень…

  2. wht this got interior

  3. Salute to modders. Awesome. 🙂

  4. It’s not working with 1.10 + Promods 1.6.2

  5. Scania 164 580


  6. Not working on version 1.10.1s ! crashes

  7. Elmir Selman

    Game crashes with this mod my version is 1.10.18.s
    When I press E to start engine the game crashes. Please fix that on this version that is good mod of scania
    I use TSM map 5.0

  8. cagri ercan

    doesnt work on 1.10. When i press E to engine start, game is crashed. Please fix for tsm map 5.o

  9. You skin ?

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