Scania Mega Store v1.4

scania-tune-pack scania-tuning

This Vision for 1.4xxxx

New Tunend chassis with lifted Axes

Its not allowed to upload on other Hoster!!!



25 thoughts on “Scania Mega Store v1.4

  1. Again Malcom37, superb mod!:) You are doing a great job!:)
    Sorry for asking, but are you going to make new sideskirts?:)

    1. Actually I asked before for skirts few times, but no answer about it. 🙁 I hope Malcom37 will read this and decide to make skirts for 8×4 8×6 skirts 😀 Thnx Malcom37 again for amazing works 😀

  2. Very very nice job. Thanks
    Can i use it in 1.13.3 version?
    And i am play an older version from you. I must put out the old or together?

  3. go to the new version 1.14?

  4. this vision is for 1.14xxx

    1. thx.

  5. Hy Malcom37

    Please Sideskirts – Side pipe
    rear bumper

    Please Thanks

  6. отличный мод. очень ждал подъёмную ось. только есть один косяк когда ставишь заводские колёса с поднятой осью видно что резина выпирает из арки. может её опустить немного ну это тебе виднее!! а так ещё немного почему иногда тормозит. и буду очень ещё ждать заднюю подъёмную ось 6×4 а так в целом всё просто шикарно. продолжай в том же духе!!

  7. и ещё косяк с шасси taglift тени на колёсах обрати внимание на колёса пожалуйста

  8. Malcom37, сделайте пожалуйста свет в салоне по нажатии на кнопку “O”

  9. super!

  10. Hi, I’ve got a question: Why don’t you add plastic bumpers? It’s looks nice, oldy… Can you do this in next updates, please?

  11. Its not allowed to upload on other Hoster!!! but IS THEN ALLOWED COPY OTHER MODS (steal it and just paste those to 1 mod) AND TELL THAT YOU DO ALL THEESE PARTS ETC.. ??????? then dont give REAL AUTHORS!?!?!?!?

    1. Faelandaea

      English please.

  12. scrawderman

    Почему спидометр размытый и стрелки черные в салоне?

  13. Verry nice Mod! but missing some extra upgrades on Sideskirt for Lamps what you got on spoiler “backlights 2”

  14. Mercohaulic

    hey. nice job on the mod. I only have one issue. I cannot use any of my old dashboards that I used before. yours are nice but you don’t have a lot of right hand drive dashboards that look as good as the left hand drives. can that be fixed or allow us to add our own dashes instead of making us the ones you put in…maybe make yours and option that can be added….?

  15. Teebeutelsauger

    Seems like the right Sideskirt is little bit buggy.

  16. Great mod!
    But please add tuned chassis with lifted axes for NOT V8 version 🙂

  17. Could You please make avaiable this lights for normal Rcab not Tcab?

  18. The attachment points on the grill could you move them to the black part of the grill cause i light to see my grill lights reflect of the metallic paint

  19. whats the password for the rar file i want to edit some colours

  20. hello. I also wanted to edit some paintjobs . Can you give the password ? I will not make available further the processed file.

  21. Anthony Tuazon

    Can i use it with new version of ets 2 . i used v1.21 is there possible to play it to my games.

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