Scania Mega Store

Tuning to default Scania R & Streamline

3 cabins
24 chassis
10 interiors with British versions, including the Hotz interior
13 tank options per cab with 8×4 and 8×6 chassis
Side skirts for 8×4 chassis, lights for 8×4
Two modes of operation of wipers
A low chassis is available on both trucks
Maximum slots for lights on cabs and chassis
Rear bumper for 8×4 chassis

Many accessory slots have been added for Scania T & Scania R & Streamline RJL.
Update for v1.48

Malcom37, vovangt4


2 thoughts on “Scania Mega Store

  1. FAKE – all files from 2013, 2014 except manifest.sii that mencion to be v1.48

  2. Не работает.

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