Scania Mega Tuning Mod

Scania-Mega-Tuning-Mod-1 Scania-Mega-Tuning-Mod-2

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Mega Tuning Mod for Scania Truck

Author: Leandro Fonseca


17 Responses to Scania Mega Tuning Mod

  1. melios says:

    Tell us details about mega tunning mod!

  2. kevve says:

    add video plz?

  3. ciobby says:

    in effetti melios ha ragione la prossima volta dei dettagli non farebbero male

  4. Shogoon says:

    Video please

  5. stilo73 says:

    Game crash with this bullshit,dont donload

  6. tierama says:

    Scania r or streamline?

  7. Kenny says:

    OLD #### YOU N***

  8. Angyalfoldi says:

    nice joob. thank you verry much.

    • Moyeszka Sravenu-Dertyhvo says:

      Oh stop buttering up when you know it doesn’t work.

      Old mod, Bugged, Crashes game.

      End discussion.

  9. Fixer says:

    Did you get permissions from GT-Mike or thunderhawk to use their work?

  10. roberto says:

    very good, beautiful

  11. Vader says:

    This mod works for me, but why has a password? This is not necessary!

  12. Thierry says:

    This mod works but not completely with streamline and streamline highline with base chassis and cabine, he has a ugly red color with red tint window

    but with scania R it works perfectly

  13. Wanderer2011 says:

    When the people will learn that such mods are just #### and just thrown together from diffrent mods and mostlikely throwing errors like hell or crashing the game.
    Wann lernen die Leute, dass solche Mods einfach nur scheisse sind und aus diversen Mods zusammen geschmissen und einfach nur Fehler produzieren ohne Ende und ETS 2 zum Absturz bringen.
    Und zum Modersteller lern erstmal richtig modden bevor du so einen Müll hochlädst und nicht mal die korrekten Credits der wirklichen Ersteller angibst.
    And to the uploader of that mod please learn first to make a mod before you upload such a #### and not even posting the correct credits.

  14. daniel says:

    Hello. what version of the game is? 1.21-1.22? because I tried all sorts of tuning but I block game. thank you.

  15. Eren says:

    Work’s on ?

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