Scania mega tuning


The mod replaces the standard Scania and adds new trailers, chassis and cargo upgrades.
Continuation and expansion of fashion Scania tuning studio.
There may be a problem with lack of memory, judgment described in the archive.

Test for version 1.3.1

Author 3D models: SCS, jgut, InVTaR
By creating new chassis: jgut
By creating new trailers: InVTaR


72 thoughts on “Scania mega tuning

  1. Nice Mod thanks 😉

    LG Lucas95

    1. Plaese make the chassis and the other things free…
      i don’t like to wait if im lvl 30 or higher…to build my “dream” truck

    2. It should be great if you could made a similar mod for the rest of the trucks [Volvo, Mercedes,Renault, Man and Iveco]

  2. Why does a tandem trailer?

  3. Very nice mod, but where we can download the tandem trailer? Without it the mod is a bit useless… Please answer!!

  4. audiquattros1

    nice mod man, but where are the tanden trailers?

  5. crash the game when you put this mod

  6. audiquattros1

    game crashes.. is the mod in a conflict with other mods?

  7. sunndalsmyggen

    Great! ut can u share the password to open it? :s

  8. game crashes if it conflicts with any other mods please can you tell me?

  9. works only with the default Map for me.
    Crash the Game after adding any Mod or Map…

  10. It doesn’t really “crash” for me but I can’t get past the loading screen after selecting my profile. I get this in my game.txt:
    00:00:15.647 : [unit] The unit ‘company.volatile.wgcc.glasgow’ of type ‘company’ has dangling pointer (to ‘company.permanent.wgcc’) in the attribute named ‘permanent_data’.

    And that x1000 with all the other company names etc. It’s locked so I can’t do anything to it :/

  11. Buki zmones, as negaliu bl*t…

  12. Very nice mod, working great for me, havn`t found any tandem trailers yet, but guess they will show up in the game, the only thing to say, it would be good if we could make the skins fit for the entire cab, would it be possible to make the change on that.
    Keep up the good work.
    Greets. Per

  13. i can’t understand this language

  14. audiquattros1

    i removed all mods, but the game still crashes

  15. No mods crashes when I purchase the truck.

  16. Purchase the base truck and then upgrade it. Works for me. Nothing ###### with saving and stuff as with previous tandems.

  17. You have to download the BDF trailer seperately

    1. The modifications to the scania truck are ausome. If you have to download the trailer seperately, where from?. Is this the first of batch for each type of truck or the one and only mod that wows the audience. Someone tell us bdf fans where to find the trailers for this mods please? It works great on 1.3.1

  18. I like the trucks a lot, but what isn’t mentioned is that the mod also removes the speed limiter and makes your truck immune to damage, and it’s all locked so you cant change or remove the files that cause this.

    1. What nobody ever mentions is that it’s actually really easy to ‘unlock’ mods, and that uncompressed mods like this can be edited without even unlocking them. It really needs to be deflated then ‘locked’ at a bare minimum for any amount of security – and even that is easily defeated, but at least it’s not as trivial to edit.

    2. unlock a scs-file is very easy…

      1. Well, suprise me. If it’s that easy, tell me how. I know how to change it into a zip and extract it but it has a password on it. If it’s so easy to crack, tell us how.

        1. Disable the encrypted bit in each file header, then use a zip program that ignores CRC checks (ie. Info-Soft Unzip 6.00). The file doesn’t actually have a password on it, it’s just falsely marked as such.

  19. ya know it would be really helpful if you would include the design ‘secrets’ that you have to wait to specific levels for trailers to show up LIKE LEVEL 15. Do you feel above the rest of us by creating frustration for the ones chomping at the bait like a starved fish. You would make better progress for downloads if you informed us of the waiting part! But now I want more,more,more,more,more,more. Is it possible to put these trailers under different type trailers so more trailers show up for loads? thanks

  20. Nickelback

    Dude, where do download the trailer?

    1. Like I said earlier the trailer(s)? are in the mod, but you need to get to a certain level before they show up. It would have been nice if that was in a short description of the mod. I am trying to set up the other cargo trucks to see if they show up also shortly.

      1. Nickelback

        Ok, wich level I need?

        1. you needs skills and higher level

          1. Nickelback

            ok but wich level..or max skills?

          2. i mean you needs skills and higher level (like 20 or 30 or higher than 40)

          3. and you need to make new savegame

          4. Nickelback

            I made a new game 🙂 Thank’s and if i doesn’t make the truck with the tuning to by BDF at level 30 or higher will the trailer’s show with normal truck?

          5. i don’t know, i have try this mod and always stopped working. but, you use another mods or not? please i have been Level 31 and the game stopped working and i started again from level 1

          6. Nickelback

            I’am using and many other mods…not only that mod and i doesn’t have a problem… 🙂

  21. David King

    Could not use the upgraded interior 2 on this or would crash and had to remove all other Scania mods in order to use. So far ok mod found trailers i could not hook up to which is bad when you already spoke for load

    1. to hook up to the two new trailers which are white only textures different, the truck has to be setup with only long frame with no hookup plate on frame. regular trailers use the hookup plate. so far I can only find these two tandem trailers nothing for fuel cell or explosive type trailer. maybe these were not on the mod.Since the files are passworded.who knows?. Also the other tandem trailers that came out earlier also work( the red one and the blue one) for the 440 and the 666 tandem truck. We all need these type mod for the rest of the trucks but then what if an upgrade comes do they all end up in the frying pan. we shall see.

  22. marco kortekaas

    how to fix the crash? i’ve already removed all mods, and started a new game whit only this mod, it still crashes!, onley, i’ve can load my profile than it show the loading bar, afteher that loading is done it crashes to desktop (CTD)please reply

  23. This is the most retarded game i ever have downloaded

    It must be a polish dude thats have made it… Only them are driving with no Speed Limiter. O_o

  24. Can not find trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY!

  25. Why when I remove the mod and continue my save the game start a new game from level 1?

    1. marco kortekaas

      cause this mod sucks!!!

      1. Bart van Ham

        No, because this mod contains standalone trailers that need a new savegame.

        You should have known that.

          1. how you do that?

          2. Nickelback

            Dude, on wich level do you had the BDF trailer?

        1. Whats that meant by a new save game?
          Start a new game from level 1 or use the old save game and then save it again with a different name?

  26. the file shows up in the mod selection bit on your profile but it doesnt appear in game, ive started a new game but doesnt work. is there a special place to buy it

    1. maybe is on online purchase

  27. use TSM 2.0 to make this mod works

  28. I’m at Level can find the Trailer only in the “Steinbruch”

  29. Nickelback

    Dude, this mod SUCKS! The game is crashing!!!

    1. Yes, it crashes the hell out of my game no matter what I try. New game, only mod active, etc. I did the smart thing and gave up. I waited for the Scania Upgrade V1 mod. That one works wonderfully.

  30. It crashes because “unsupported compression method”

    Tested with: 7z File Manager

  31. prosil bych heslo k odemceni chte bych si udelat skin a kvuly zaheslovanym souborum to nejde a chci si to udelat na mercedesa

    1. dystak mi heslo poslete na email

  32. udelej te to i na mercedesa mana a renolta premium a delejte i tyhle navesi a podvozky

  33. can you update some for day cab cabin? please …
    i look around theres no day cab cabin mod yet …


  34. SO i downloaded the mod, but i dont quite like the tadem trailers and want to get back my old ones, the problem is I cant delete this mod or my profile will not load anymore so I have to keep the mod in order to not lose my profile. Any one has any suggestions?

  35. You have to start a new game again, just like you did when you installed it.

  36. this mod dosent work.. my game crashes..

  37. no damage, no speed limit ???

  38. al open i the game spacte my game it !

  39. Bosnian Guy!

    If u want trailer tandem! Just go to Working market, and find a tandem trailer and choose it… Any questions or problems message me at my hotmail..

  40. First Photo trailer

  41. does this work on version 1.4.12 or any 1.4.x version i heard it freezes when you click the accesories tab.

  42. Is it possible to make this for the 1.7. version? 😀

  43. Please make an update for 1.6+. I really like this mod.

  44. #### dude ur mod makers my game crash everytime

  45. work in 1.31

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