Scania Napoleon


YouTube preview

Tested 1.15.
Interior light type “O”
AO textures
Detailed truck.

Ahaneim, Mr.Poland, Chudy, Andrey M. I Tomas, Molotov, Vadim van der Wiel.


19 thoughts on “Scania Napoleon

  1. thanks guys great truck 🙂

  2. Stephen Lane

    Do you have a video please

    1. It’s same Scania as in the picture, too bad it doesn’t have liftable axe :/ Last wheel is hardcoded always up :/

  3. Epsilon04

    Crash on vanilla game when I select chassis ..

    1. TeddyBear

      You need the vabis steering wheel.
      You can also buy the truck online.

      1. Epsilon04

        Works fine now, just because I have select the worst chassis haha… Thanks for your reply ;]

      2. Where can i buy the other trucks?

  4. Scania Napoleon Video

  5. TeddyBear

    The head board wont work for me!
    Anyone ellse with the same problem?

    1. I have the same problem too.

  6. Where is the skin of the trailer can I get?

  7. Where do you get the sunshield from?

  8. klausholm500

    it doesn’t show up in my game???

    1. TeddyBear

      buy R09 highline cab and 4×2 chassis. 😛

  9. this is a hacked truck, it was released without permission

    1. Абдуленно

      Завали ебало.

  10. TeddyBear

    Was the pmg locked before it was converted or anything?
    If not. Then it aint hacked.
    And who the hell cares today if something is hacked or not?
    Those who cant make theire own stuff at least.

  11. Rizki Al'anshory thea

    Nice Truck 😀

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