Scania New Generation for AI Traffic (ETS2 1.31)

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While I wait for SCS to adapt the Scania New Generation to the traffic in an official way, I have created this mod to at least appear this truck in the traffic, and have more variety on the roads, it is still in development and will have some defects in the model , is working on it, for as long as I hope you enjoy the mod!

Compatible with all AI traffic packs (including those from Jazzycat), you just have to give this mod more priority so that the truck appears.

Enjoy the mod!

Tigrao (factor Gamer BR)


12 thoughts on “Scania New Generation for AI Traffic (ETS2 1.31)

  1. zeeuwse_trucker

    Yesterday i was just thinking of it, today you post it. Thx

  2. I knew my ai traffic was missing something, thx a lot!

  3. Tigrao, keep in mind that SCS soon will steal your work and create it officially in 1.32 game version.

    1. Totally correct speech! The Czechs rely on such people! Instead of doing Spain, they are wasting their time with ###### and unnecessary DLC!

      1. ETS is czech. Is it stolen?

    2. Finally I found someone who thinks like me
      this thing did notice it many times
      and I have been attacked with insults
      SCS has been using this system for many years to perfect ideas
      and mods created by Modders, and I could make a list of jobs created much earlier
      from friends Modders.

      1. if the FH4 went out so soon its because of the same thing i think.
        they should rebuild the base map !

    3. Eu Driver

      Yes, you are right,,,,czech ###### monkey gruppe only steal mods. ALL. not hes work, he only steal, or pay for mods.. ###### ######

  4. zeeuwse_trucker

    index stream cannot be empty, looks like some part is not exist any more but still have texture.

  5. No Scania 2016 in traffic… FAKE

    1. No fake, its real, more priority for other mods AI traffic, or not spawn the truck

  6. No fake, its real, more priority for other mods AI traffic, or not spawn the truck

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