Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar

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Hello all :
I have fixed the error with the paint.
I have added new points to the lighting accessories.
I hope you all enjoy this mood.

Sad Wolf


19 thoughts on “Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar

  1. where must i put the template to skin this?

    1. acc_list[]: “exhaust_m.mg04” to accessory

      1. TsayJabagh

        Dear Friend:
        Is there any note other than what you told me about ??
        Is it better now than the first time ??

        1. Now great! Please make a Dutch side skirt kit for use together! Thanks, please!

  2. Güzel mod Scania S te çok şık duruyor tavsiye ederim. Arkadaşın eline sağlık.

    1. TsayJabagh

      Çok teşekkürler sevgili dostum.

  3. TsayJabagh

    My dear friends,
    I hope you will all be pleased with this affection, and if you find or have any comments, write it to me and I will avoid it immediately.

    1. I was very excited when I seen this mod, I have downloaded it the same as all other mods, I have tried on all trucks in the scania dealership and none of them show this mod. Please help

      1. TsayJabagh

        Dear friend:
        This mod only works with SCS scania S 2016.
        I would love to help you but I do not know how to help you. Could there be a problem with another mod in your mod file ??
        I am also very excited to help you solve this problem.

        1. Great I have it working now, its was conflicting with another mod. My final question is this, the light area for the airlines etc is now showing my skin I have a dutch skin and it displays the templated colours it looks like a template on the back, How do I remove it?

        2. Would it be possible to get the mod to work with other models? RJL and maybe nextgen PGRS? Also im not sure if the paint is fixed, its displaying the truck template on the trl cables section. its not working like show in your image.

  4. Scania Alex

    Cool mod. But what is about Scania R? Is it possible?

    1. TsayJabagh

      Dear Friend:
      Open a file ( def ) until you reach a file ( scania.s_2016 ) Place it on the desktop any place you like outside of a file ( scs ) Rename it to ( scania.r_2016 ) Then open it and open a file ( accessory ) You will find two files first ( exhaust_m ) and the second ( trlr_cables ) Open files ( sii ) via any text editor program You have it and replace ( scania.s ) with ( scania.r ) and save it and after completion return this file to the mod file and so it works with scania R

      1. Scania Alex

        Thanks man!!

      2. hi what exactly do I have to replace that I can use the pipes for rjl scania I love the mod. good work

  5. Mr_Jackp0t

    Test Video…

    1. TsayJabagh

      Thank you so much
      For video.

  6. hallo ich hätte mal ne frage könnte sie das auch für den rjl machen


    will this work on 1.38?

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