Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar v 1.1

Hello friends
This is another model from the previous mod …
I hope you will like it..

Sad Wolf


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10 thoughts on “Scania Next Gen High Pipe with Airbar v 1.1

  1. What is the name of the rear bumper mode

  2. Tsay Jabagh

    this rear bumper By MDMODDING & name mod is Scania_Next_Gen_Rear_Bumper_V1

  3. not working for Eugene v2.1 not sure how to make it work just not showing up at all ???

    1. Next Generation Scania P G R S v.2.1

      1. Tsay Jabagh

        Dear Friend:
        At first you need to Mighty Griffin.
        Secondly, I respectfully respect the maker of the mod. I do not use it, I only use it SCS SCANIA .

        1. ive got all the DLC’s for the game an thats a shame plus the Eugene is the scs scania just been updated thats all

  4. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37…

    1. Tsay Jabagh

      Dear Friend:
      Thanks you for the video.

  5. What modifications did you use in your Scania? Can you name them or put a link?

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