Scania Next Generation Edit By Christina V1

This is my rework of the Scania Next Generation by SCS.
–Some ext interior problems solved
–Added Realistic Sound
– Many options for a tandem booth
– Wire wheels
– Your salon
–Added Added Some Logos
–Added Some Leds
–Some Parts changed
The mod is for game version 1.31 and above only!

christina , sila


12 thoughts on “Scania Next Generation Edit By Christina V1

  1. ysy770724977

    Great job! Is there an increase in low chassis work?


    Thats FAKEEEE !!! this is toasters scania i believe !

  3. !! “” DELETE THIS ITS FAKE. The image is toster007, MODS.”” !!

  4. No Don’t delete it. Toster007 is a scammer even other high end mod makers confirmed he scams people. He should get his work leaked and made public.

    1. Are you #####? Where I scam people? You dont know nouthing about me and you talk that ####…

  5. Toster Hater

    Toster is a noob

    he got free stuff and published for money on his website

    1. Ahaha, you are so funny school boy. You have no proof, you have nouthing. You can just talk. That all!

  6. So, report it to the Admins with a Proof. 😉

  7. Getting crashed when i am joining dealer

  8. All files 11/2017 and not 1.31 compatible … ###### scrap!!!

  9. Not Compatible With 1.31 ! İ Have Crash Error.

  10. This mod is a fake because when you activate the mod ur luminosity is up and the dealer is not worked and game crashed

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