Scania Next Generation Edit By Christina V1

This is my rework of the Scania Next Generation by SCS.
–Some ext interior problems solved
–Added Realistic Sound
– Many options for a tandem booth
– Wire wheels
– Your salon
–Added Added Some Logos
–Added Some Leds
–Some Parts changed
The mod is for game version 1.31 and above only!

christina , sila


12 Responses to Scania Next Generation Edit By Christina V1

  1. ysy770724977 says:

    Great job! Is there an increase in low chassis work?


    Thats FAKEEEE !!! this is toasters scania i believe !

  3. Putte says:

    !! “” DELETE THIS ITS FAKE. The image is toster007, MODS.”” !!

  4. fAITH_ says:

    No Don’t delete it. Toster007 is a scammer even other high end mod makers confirmed he scams people. He should get his work leaked and made public.

    • TosteR says:

      Are you #####? Where I scam people? You dont know nouthing about me and you talk that ####…

  5. Toster Hater says:

    Toster is a noob

    he got free stuff and published for money on his website

    • TosteR says:

      Ahaha, you are so funny school boy. You have no proof, you have nouthing. You can just talk. That all!

  6. JoachimK says:

    So, report it to the Admins with a Proof. 😉

  7. snacerr says:

    Getting crashed when i am joining dealer

  8. Falkon says:

    All files 11/2017 and not 1.31 compatible … stupid scrap!!!

  9. Emir54 says:

    Not Compatible With 1.31 ! İ Have Crash Error.

  10. Nixou says:

    This mod is a fake because when you activate the mod ur luminosity is up and the dealer is not worked and game crashed

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