SCANIA NextGen I6 sound mod by Max2712 V5.5 Final

Ready for the final version? V5.5 of my Scania NG I6 sound mod is out now! With this update, there are finally two versions again – a version for driving with the opticruise gearbox (automatic) and a version for driving with h-shifter. The latter now also contains clutch sounds!
I´m calling V5.5 the final version, since it´s the most accurate and perfect sound mod I have ever done! Therefore, I won’t make any changes to this sound anymore. So, since this particular sound mod is no longer in my plan for now, I can now concentrate on other sound mods more!
Wishing you a wonderful driving experience with this new version, and I hope you enjoy it even more than before 😉

Changelog for Version 5.5:
– multiple variations of the engine start and stop sounds (depending on compressor on/off, opticruise gearbox/manual gearbox)
– slightly reworked compressor sound
– small changes in the load/exhaust soundtracks
– new turbo sound
– new engine brake sound
– new blinker sound behaviour
– new sounds for applying/disengaging the parking brake
– new parking brake apply warning
– new manual gearbox + clutch sounds



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