Scania Nextgen Real V8 Sound

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Hi guys this mod changes scs nextgen scania r and s v8 sound
this mod changes what?
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 start sound stop sound etc….
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 retarder sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 turbo sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 engine brake sound.
-Scania nextgen r and s v8 opticruıse transmission sounds.
-And ı change headlight color xenon this mod tho.
ıf you love this mod and wanna support me you can premıum download
or my webmoney account webmoney wme:E895382052601



7 thoughts on “Scania Nextgen Real V8 Sound

  1. video ?

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  3. Comparision video on YT:

  4. YT Comparision:

  5. VasilyEVR

    Author of this…. Stole my gear shift audio files from XF105 package

    engineer – You are a thief

    1. Yes , correct
      His every sounds are stolen.
      Either sound mods are released much before or recently made sounds stolen.
      We should take action.
      Btw, love your sounds man, they make the game experience more rich.

  6. ismail ozdemir

    Looks like a good mode but not an original one. For example the first ignition sound is from Ural 4320. Retarder sound is from O403 Mercedes bus mode…………..

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