Scania NG 2016 S&R V8 Sound v1.37 open_beta

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V8 engine sound changed, medium Open Pipe – all v8
Engine 540 Hp V8 16.35l Chip 2800Nm – 433Kw – 1500Rpm
Transmission Opticruise 12 + 2 T966R – Ratio 3.85



8 thoughts on “Scania NG 2016 S&R V8 Sound v1.37 open_beta

  1. Bullshit !!!!

    1. sorry for this, kkkk

    2. Better than SCS V8 #### sound

  2. I like this sound. But this sound only applies to Engine 540 Hp V8 16.35l ? Why can’t I hear the air brakes?
    Then the pleasure will be complete!

    1. hello, the sound applies to all v8 engines, being 520, ** 540, 580, 650 and 730, put the mod with high priority and test, as for the brakes here is normal, I suggest increasing the volume so the options ETS2 sound

      1. Good job, MD11 ! Thank you! Go ahead!

  3. Perfect work! I tried this!
    MD11, would you be if you want to add those sounds? They are for air brakes – 4 types, gear change – 3 types and starting and turning off the engine. But I have these sounds in “ogg” format only. How do I give them to you?
    Here is my mail
    [email protected]

  4. best sound from all sounds for me. pls 1.39

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