Scania NG S and R Bragan Perimeter Wind Kit 2.0

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Update 2.0

Problems with Truckpaint on DX11 fixed

Now compatible with next generation Scania R & S Rework by Eugene (All Spoiler with s_lights) and Remoled 1.8 by Solutech.

Tested on game version 1.35.x



5 thoughts on “Scania NG S and R Bragan Perimeter Wind Kit 2.0

  1. you still got paint bug.
    tested on clean profile dx11
    i think you forgot uv layer

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    DX11 problem paint
    Test DX9 no problem paint

  3. and how can we solve it ?

  4. Solve that problem for siperias tandem next gen and people will love you to death 😛

  5. where can i fing this mod for scania streamline? it also doesn`t work for new generation scania

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