Scania Nielson 250

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The MOD contains various options for engines, transmission, skins and accessories.

Tested at 1.35.x

Download skin edit:

AMF, APOTECH GAMES and Andres_Sepulveda


6 thoughts on “Scania Nielson 250

  1. wow, i’d never try bus but this time i will 🙂

    1. + tried this super machine, very funny and well work

      (but i didn’t found yet a mod to drive peoples, and skins seems not run on my computer)

  2. jayontheway228
  3. Abi Games

    Great Job Guys.
    HD Video….

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – SCANİA NEİLSON 250 Otobüs Modu ?[1.35]

  5. Vinicius

    Tenho alguns mods, quem quiser trocar
    [email protected]

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