Scania Open Pipe Sound Mod [1.30-1.31]

This mods adds Open Pipe Sound for all Scania trucks
– scania.r , scania.r_2016 , scania.s_2016 , scania.s , scania.rjl ,scania.streamline
– PRO quality recorded by me for exterior and interior sound
– Thank you for signaling the bugs.



4 thoughts on “Scania Open Pipe Sound Mod [1.30-1.31]

  1. Mod from 2015. Manifest only was changed

    1. Yes, that´s right. I think, somebody changes again his Username… 😉

  2. papaghostPT

    hummm PRO quality recorded by doglasTrucker kkkkk the username says everything

  3. Pierre Ashley

    it doesn’t work for me it crashes the game when i go into my truck and i’ve got no other sound mod active (1.31)

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