Scania P Cartransporter for Eugene Scania Pack v 5.0

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so that the mod runs properly you need this Scania from Eugene


DLC – Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack

—NEW in V 2.0—

BUGS FIXED for 1.40

UK and EU Cabversion


More cars/cargos for truck and trailer

—NEW in V 3.0—

Möhlmann Skin

New Slots for f_grill

Table for interior

New cargo Seat Leon for DLC Iberia

trailerwheels paintable

—NEW in V 4.0—

New skins

ADAC (D), BLG Logistics (D), R+H Autologistik (D)

New templates for truck and trailer

New Slot Lightbox

f_grill slot removed for it by b_grill slot replaced

r_grill slot added a little more slots

New taillights on the trailer

—NEW in V 5.0—

New Skins

AUTEKS (LT), CAT (D), Cotra (CH), GEFCO (F), Lagermax (AT), Mosolf (D), Valenzuela (E)

New cargos

Ford Puma, Classic Cars, Seat Leon/Seat Leon Sportstourer

Trailer better brakelights

Interior refreshed

Have fun with it

gothscher and more


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5 thoughts on “Scania P Cartransporter for Eugene Scania Pack v 5.0

  1. I don’t see any of this in the shop

    1. gothscher

      Select Scania P Normal in Shop.

  2. Awesome! Finally a realistic car transporter where the cars are put like a realistic way so the truck is not too high… Any chance of adding like bigger vans with the top level lowered? Also maybe a version with full size truck cabs? (without cars over the cab ofcourse :D)

  3. Le lien ne marche pas, peut tu m’aider, help me

  4. 1.43 betaya güncelleyin lütfen.

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