Scania P R G Streamline Lohr (Lohra / Lohre) + ownable trailer for 1.35 +

YouTube preview

unpack file, inside you have 2 SCS file :
-Lohra trailer
put this files inside to folder mod in you’re documents 😉

Stone, RJL, Wojcik


7 thoughts on “Scania P R G Streamline Lohr (Lohra / Lohre) + ownable trailer for 1.35 +

  1. TurboDuck

    Looks amazing but show’s no metal of the cab…
    Tried diffrence settings and mod priority’s but aint working…

    1. Stone22413

      Try to buy online this truck it’s working 😉

      1. TurboDuck

        Yup, i did get it to work!
        It look’s nice, always wanted to have a car carrier mod that looked good and detailed!

        Will there be a update for cargo soon or?

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  3. SgtKanyo

    Looks great, but it jumps randomly in game for me.
    Also there’s no jobs available with it.

  4. When the 4 series??
    (ps do it for 1.35+)

  5. Work on 1.37?

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