Scania P series Thermo

The vehicle has a single cabin and a single chassis.
Engine and transmission options available
Customizable Interior available
Many accessories are available
Author:Artin Kazanciyan
Breaking and reloading is prohibited.

Artin Kazanciyan


17 thoughts on “Scania P series Thermo

  1. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.38…

    1. thx

  2. scheiben animation dabei und 1.38 ??

    1. please english 🙂

      1. AvM Transport

        He is asking, if the windows are openable?

        1. yes,openable

    1. thanks

  3. 720P Video 1.37

  4. Copery Verdelimon C.T.V.L.R

    VIDEO TEST ETS2 [1.37] MODS 2020 – Copery TV [GreenLime]

  5. this mod is pointless without cargo …

  6. Hi!

    What says Breaking and reloading is prohibited?


  7. Are there any cargo only for that mode?

  8. Fix the reflection on body…

  9. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – SCANiA P Thermo (Şehiriçi Dağıtım) [1.38]

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