Scania P v2.0 com interior


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Dealers are in Scania

version: 1.9.x – 1.11.x

Helio mateus


8 thoughts on “Scania P v2.0 com interior

  1. i am sorry about post you.
    you truck cannot download,i like the truck ,can you give me a download link?
    thank you very much

  2. Stand alone ?
    Brasilian mods are really horrible (trailers) !!

    Thks for sharing but next time put a complete/correct description if it’s not too hard for you !!

  3. where does file save from mega on chome??

    1. In “downloaded files” folder.

  4. 1.It don’t show up in any shop.
    2. it makes the game crash
    3. the install wizard don’t install the mod in the folder.You have to install it to another place and then move it to the mod-folder.

    #### mod.

  5. scanialover

    this mopd chrashes my game this is a #### mod

  6. My computer warning me for malwere when i try to install.
    This is a program that take over your computer.
    DO NOT INSTALL !!!!!!!



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