Scania P340 + interior


New Scania truck with new interior.
Author: Mr German Truck


10 thoughts on “Scania P340 + interior

  1. audiquattros1

    addon or repleser?

    1. Replaces the R-series by the looks of it.

  2. Sarkissian

    You can change it that the truck does not replace the R-series anymore if the file is NOT locked!
    If it is locked then it’s a pitty.

  3. audiquattros1

    how can i make it an addon?

  4. trucklove

    not showing my interior

  5. Please put better download link in there

  6. Another linke were to download this mod

  7. Marcelo Sanchez

    The model is beautiful, works great!
    But the decoration of the windshield is horrible.
    Why decorating the windshield?
    If accessory, fine. can be removed.
    But this fixed, can not be removed.
    Many models are made wellit is a pity, is not cute, and uncomfortable the vision.
    Bye. Marcelo.

    1. Marcelo Sanchez

      Please remove the decoration, and the model is perfect. Excellent.
      Bye, Marcelo.

  8. will it work with 1.4.X

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