Scania Parts Mod v 1.9

SCANIA Parts Mod V1.9
it is not allowed to offer the mod on other file hosts for download !!!

3D Models:
Vabis Goblet by Michas Custom
Griffin by Michas Custom
Sunshield by
RearMudflap by
RearBumper by
Sideskirt by
SCANIA Cap Red by
V8 Tropy by
Lightfix Bullbar Nordic by Capelle


Pictures by Trucker-Fee

Skins (paintwork)
If you use SCS or your own Skin, you must enter the new parts in the SII definition files of the skins !!!

Here is the list of components:
Sideskirt : acc_list[]: “sideskirt.4x2_p_osl”
Stoneguard : acc_list[]: “s_guard.3dw_sg01”
Stoneguard V8: acc_list[]: “s_guard.3dw_sg02”
Sunshield : acc_list[]: “sunshld.shld_3dw_01” #[red]Bottom of acc_list[]: “sunshld.sunshld_06”
RearBumper : acc_list[]: “r_bumper.3dw_rb_01” #[red]Bottom of acc_list[]: “r_bumper.stock_p”

HRS Mods, Truvkerfee, Tuning Wolf, SCS


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