Scania Party Truck Skin

partytruck-scania-skin1 partytruck-scania-skin2

Author: Gangnam Style


6 thoughts on “Scania Party Truck Skin

  1. How to get This Rims?
    everywhere im search not found..

  2. Il give you a rim 😛

  3. Bart van Ham

    Those (unrealistic and ugly) rims are in al the versions of Magetto’s Truck Shop mod 😉

    1. i agree totally pointless and unrealistic

  4. in real life trucks use usually 22.5 inch rims and some trailers also 17.5 inch and 19 inch rims 🙂

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    FakeFreddy, learn at least decent Englishh, and at least say greets, Freddy at the end of Your comments, maybe than people believe You,

    A bad name i already have, so therefor i don’t care!



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