Scania Pzinha

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Scania Pzinha Truck with Trailer

Author: Manipulated


23 thoughts on “Scania Pzinha

  1. ### is the point with this mod?
    And it’s probably the ugliest mod I’ve ever seen…

    1. A High Hamster

      at least it a realistic mod and if it done correctly the trucks are really nice

      1. poutitine

        another mod of the “Bois de Boulogne” with the sounds of bragettes

    2. You should do a bit of research before post asking about “point of mods”.

      These trucks seem to exist, not sure where in the world, but they do:

      1. Im meaning whats the point of having it in the game…you cant haul trailers with it so whats the point?

        1. Matheus Vieira

          Invisible cargo, or the passengers hard mod… It’s nice to transport invisible things ‘-‘

        2. whats wrong with joy ride with no load?

          if you dont like so dont download it, its simple

    3. Wiqvist(Spider)

      I have been away from here for some time. I had a hope that pesons who comment here had become a bit more friendly and act more like mature persons than this immature adults. But that was for sure naiv of me.

      This mod and all other mods here are given for free. No one have forced anyone to download anything from here. I agree that some mods would I never have downloaded and never use, but to og from there and give the creator a lot of negative critisism and even worser name her/him and #####, that is rude.

      The funniest with them who name a creator of a mod they dont like an #####, are mostly making a big fool of them self.

  2. CrazyGijs

    It’s an Brazilian truck

  3. Why the fu*k do they exist in Brasil, why lift the back end up? If someone can explain it to me…

    1. A High Hamster

      well for one reason it shows how much you care for ur truck and also it help fuel eco

      1. “well for one reason it shows how much you care for ur truck and also it help fuel eco”

        Ok, explain, how does this enhance fuel economy?
        just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean that you should… right?

  4. Please stop this #### and ugly mods

  5. вован84

    пиздатый мод.прям один сплошной большой БАГГГГГГГГГГГГ.

  6. вован84

    нахрена эти ебливые машины с поднятой до небес жопой тут в игре ETS2…зачем блять…они наверно только балбесам из той страны в которой они ездят нужны но никак не россии…их никто такую еботину скачивать не будет это факт…не размещайте это уебище тут…на этом сайте…

  7. shame to be brazilian… 🙁

    1. Daniel Zhe

      I have the same feel, Eduardo. 🙁

      1. Add me to the list…

  8. if someone could post a picture of an actual truck looking like this and still be able to “work” I’d download this mod in a heartbeat … didn’t think so

    1. Someone posted this before but you must have missed it:

  9. why is the ### of the truck so high up. why would you have it that high

  10. como brasileiro tem mau gosto puta qui pariu! não basta ter mau gosto tem que ficar espalhando pela internet

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