Scania R 1000 Concept v 2.0

Scania-R-1000-Concept-v-2.0-1 Scania-R-1000-Concept-v-2.0-2

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Scania R 1000 Concept Truck
Tested 1.16 version

Authors: MODTEAM, BLADE1974


11 thoughts on “Scania R 1000 Concept v 2.0

  1. Mod works on 1.15.x ???

    1. Tested 1.16 version

  2. This mod no works in 1.16. Why?

  3. You may wilt thou give template for this truck?

  4. This mod is not new. All the files are from 2013….

  5. I know that. But do not really work with 1.16! I checked it!

  6. it is a fake

  7. don’t work..
    My game crashes

  8. Helldog7ks

    Truck works fine just the dealer def folder is in a wrong place 😀

  9. this mods no work 1.16 🙁

  10. hi. no version for 1.18 please ?

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