Scania R 2008 Apache RVL with Trailer


This mod created by RVL from ETS2GI. Trailer skin included.

Tested on



13 Responses to Scania R 2008 Apache RVL with Trailer

  1. DeineMudda says:

    omg! so awesome! Thank you very much dude!!

  2. vin says:

    ini sama trucknya apa skinnya doang ?

  3. breizhdave says:

    Hello would you have the link for the interior??

    • DeineMudda says:

      in the version v2 is it included in the low-cap version of the truck (like the one in the pic)

  4. Blunt says:

    Great looking truck indeed!

    However, it’s not showing up anywhere…both files are activated.

    I’m on gameversion

  5. breizhdave says:

    not link for interior ?

    • DeineMudda says:

      the interior is in the R2008 v2 in the low-cap version included.

  6. DeineMudda says:

    RVL pls make more Airbrush-Trucks like this 🙂 they are awesome!

  7. MSrihardi says:

    Peringatan pemerintah : “Merokok dapat menyebabkan kanker dan gangguan kehamilan” :p

  8. 2play4fun007 says:

    Scania r2008 pack by 50k


  9. FredG says:

    do you have more of those wonderfull skins ??

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