Scania R 2008 v 2.0

Scania-R-2008-v-2.0-1 Scania-R-2008-v-2.0-2

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– Two kinds of chassis (with a raised bridge and without)
– The side wings with perforation V8
– Sidelights
– Rear dimensions
– Single reverse light

Game versions: 1.4.8 – 1.9.22

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Authors: 50Keda, Callum96

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22 thoughts on “Scania R 2008 v 2.0

  1. lol, not incluaded chassis, just scania 2008.

  2. Yeah that really Nice!!!

  3. Is the skin from the first pic included?

  4. Она старая как говно мамонта

  5. link skin ?

  6. scaniaR560V8

    do you can make the lights on scania r2008 4×2 ??
    great mod

  7. No permission to REUPLOAD MY WORK, this is not the original link! Link is on scs ets 2 forum!

    1. MattV8_730

      Hi, I really like this mod ! In which section is your last mod ? (in SCS Forums of course)

      Thanks !

      1. MattV8_730

        It’s good i found

  8. and is older version

  9. And all people are not credited. Credits should be as well GT-Mike and Alang7.

  10. work on

  11. Kill4MeHILL

    This is just the OLD V2 with that #### “mirror ERROR” that fills the log file, that has always been there. Nothing new!!

  12. Hi, possible to make this work with the last version 1.11 ?

  13. TinusTussengas

    how did u get the black bullbar on the truck?

    i only have the ugly chrome one…

  14. Can update for v1.16x, Callum96? I didn’t found in SCS Forum

  15. Jeppe Bøgh

    Can i get contact information about the person who has made the skin to the scania in the top?

  16. TeddyBear

    where is the visor dude?
    you wrote on scsforum it was planned for release.
    cant find it anywhere!

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