Scania R 2016 Custom Tuning for TMP [1.45]

Steps for the installation of this MOD in the Multiplayer:
1st – First, you have to click the Subscribe button.
2nd – You start the game, go to the mods manager and activate the MOD.
3rd – You buy the truck, save your game and go to the Multiplayer
4th – Inside the Multiplayer you load the game and you can now enjoy the truck.

DLCS Required
[*]Volvo Tuning Pack
[*]Mercedes Actros Tuning Pack
[*]Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
[*]Michelin Tuning Pack
[*]Rims Tuning Pack
[*]Daf Tuning Pack



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2 thoughts on “Scania R 2016 Custom Tuning for TMP [1.45]

  1. Proximity

    I don’t get it. I’ve activated this mod but I have nothing more than ets original and dlc parts. Do I have to have another tuning mod and then customize it? If so why it’s not mentioned in steps above?

  2. ich glaube das das ist auch der plan… warum muss man sonst die DLC mods haben.

    Man soll ja auch die “Mod” Seite abonieren damit man,die mods bekommt.
    es dreht sich also eigendlich nur darum das du die seite abonierst… nicht mehr.

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