Scania R 500 Bring

Scania R 500 (1) Scania R 500 (3) Scania R 500 (2)

– Version 1.20.1s
– Lightmask
– Interior
– New dashboard
– Vabis rul

Author: VTG-Group


6 Responses to Scania R 500 Bring

  1. EneaMaconi says:

    2009 interiors ((

  2. Sca says:

    Up …… Scania bting tipo đŸ™‚

  3. wtf says:

    – No visor in interior view (Sun visor)
    – 1.20 = Game crash when I choose the retarder transmission
    – 1.20 = Game crash when I try to change the wheels

    If that’s fixed, I’ll love this truck to bits!

    • TruckerZer0 says:

      It’s because it is locked, there are some wrong .sii files; one is “dc16_500.sii”, in which you have to change the line starting with “motor_brake” and change this to “engine_brake”, the other one is “6x2a_taglift.sii”, in which you have to change “/def/vehicle/truck/scania.bring/paint_job/color0.sii” to “/def/vehicle/truck/scania.bring/paint_job/colorw.sii”; Afther that it works perfectly!

  4. BlackRooMafia says:

    sound mod not be effective you need to fix it

    • wtf says:

      You have to re-write the SOUND MOD to be able to use the sound on this truck.

      The truck is NOT the problem.

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