Scania R bi-truck 2.0 by Conbar


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Enjoy this super Scania made ​​by Conbar. Now in version 2.0 has the following characteristics:
– Aerials before pegylated fixed
are now optional, it has dual front, only the left, only the direct and still have the option ago antenna, dual, on the left or right.
– The rear tanks now has two types, one being one or double.
– Upper front grille now has her original; paintable and chrome.
– Lower grille is unique; paintable; chrome and black.
– Parachoque has two types, the original and other lower paintable.
– Glass has five options: dark medium, black, and 3 more color: blue, red and green.
– Speedline wheels.
– Pack tabs chrome.



6 Responses to Scania R bi-truck 2.0 by Conbar

  1. matt skipper says:

    why do you have to be level 15 to use this mod, or at least leave it in the description of the mod.

  2. NIKOLS says:

    Это, что спорт-кар или тягач? на нём по идеальной поверхности надо ездить, не дай бог кочка и ему хана. Ему подвеску надо вездеходную, тогда ему цены-бы не было.

  3. limjunwoo says:


  4. Cleber says:

    ets doesn’t works!

  5. ALVIN RAMADAN says:


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