Scania R Heinhuis Skin


Scania R Heinhuis Skin for SCANIA R trucks.
Tested on version 1.9.22



16 thoughts on “Scania R Heinhuis Skin

  1. Thats a mean skin mate! great work

    1. 0veRTRucK

      thx !

  2. Great skin. Can you tell me how to paint the grill?

    1. 0veRTRucK

      if you want I do the coloring of the grill!
      Google+ = [email protected]

  3. nicklasmp

    You should change the base_color in the def files. so the mirrors get painted too.

  4. Battlefield3™

    for me…the grill and windows not painted
    how to get colored?

  5. Nice work…Looks stunning! It works for Streamline ?

    1. 0veRTRucK


      1. Can you make for Streamline please ?

        1. 0veRTRucK

          ok !

          1. Thanks!

  6. astonator

    very nice 😀

  7. Thanks so much 0veRTRucK!!!

    1. 0veRTRucK


  8. dennis de graaf

    in the name of te owner i say thank you! its the truck of my neighbor and we love this skin

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