Scania R Longline v 1.1


Scania R Longline for Patch 1.15xxxx
Template for skinning at the next vision
in v1.1
fixed gps
cabin is skinible

its not allowed to upload on other Hoster!



8 thoughts on “Scania R Longline v 1.1

  1. Make it compatible with the Scania Mega Store v1.5 and update that mod please I would like to use the longline chassis with the normal cab with all the addons from the Scania megastore mod v1.5

  2. Surprised Koala

    Yea That will be awesome

  3. Yes can you add more parts to mega store and it would be super when you change a back bumper or you remake this because this is not realistic.

  4. only have this cab and this chassis ? please make a video !

  5. When Can we get templates? I really want to do a skin for this truck

  6. Joe The Kamiondzija

    Also make plastic parts behind doors also paintable. Beside that, great mod!

  7. Pls make red/white width indicator lamp 🙂

  8. to when a blank template to make super skin
    because the template is not in the file as you can write

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