Scania R open pipe sound


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Hi again,
two sounds when you get off the throttle,engine and exhaust.
New engine exhaust brake.
I spend few hours testing and i like this version.
I hope you like it too.




20 Responses to Scania R open pipe sound

  1. scania fan says:


  2. scania fan says:

    Could you make make your sound 1500 rmp this V8_Scania_Kriechbaum ?:) i tried,but for me doesn’t work)

  3. scania fan says:

    put theme together:)

  4. scania fan says:

    sorry,1400 rmp:)

  5. kostas says:

    μπραβο φιλε βολιδα …πολλυ καλη δουλεια συνεχισε

  6. AudiS1 says:

    μπραβο Βολιδα..ζωγραφισες παλι!!!!

  7. kriechbaum says:

    Nice friend !

    • Volidas says:

      Thank’s friend.

      • kriechbaum says:

        Hey, since u were a trucker too, i would like to speak more with you, i give u my email if you want

        [email protected]

        See u !

      • Frank says:

        Hey volidas
        nice sounds you make but i have a request can you make/convert a scania sound i have that workt in pacth 1.8 but not working too the new 1.9.22 patch

        Best regards frank
        you can get me at my mail adr. and i can send you the file

  8. mankata78 says:

    can you do it for a Volvo?

  9. Nathan says:

    very good would definitely recommend downloading!

  10. AudiS1 says:


    • Volidas says:

      Κατσε να βγει και θα δουμε εγω δεν το εχω STEAM.

  11. wegger says:

    Great sound! Thanks!

  12. Angyalfoldi says:

    Verry nice!!! Thx !!!

  13. adi2003de says:

    that is not a sound .. that is reality … wow very great job … I had drive scania by myself .. but now in the game … my brain can´t belive .. it is a game .. but it is a real sound … really great work Volidas!!!

    • yiorgos says:

      Πολύ καλό, αλλά μέσα – έξω από την καμπίνα έχει την ίδια ένταση. Μήπως να μείωνες λιγάκι το θόρυβο μέσα στην καμπίνα; Θα γίνει 100% ΤΕΛΕΙΟ…
      Ευχαριστώ 🙂

  14. NoBrain says:

    My favorite sound mod for scania. love it

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