Scania R Patrick V.D. Hoeven update

Skin for Scania R by SCS,
Rework and update of my old skin,
Works only on Highline cab,
Lightbox texture included

Reccomended mods:

Big Lightbox Scania NextGen S&R v1.2
Scania painted accesories

Respect my work, if share keep the original link,
Follow my page for more awesome skins:




11 Responses to Scania R Patrick V.D. Hoeven update

  1. Gekurous says:

    Links to the mods you use for the new Scania R, It would be great. Thanks.

  2. Bailando says:

    Get everyone ready, soon zoso will come and make meaningless criticism about this work

    Thanks DavyBerto

  3. Spada82 says:

    dear zoso turn on the brain before speaking

  4. rigby says:

    haha oh yeah, certainly you’ve been showing a lot of respect… Also why should I tell where to find me? So you could pester me like you do with davyberto? No, thank you, I’m fine that way. If you dont get credit of others, why do you bother so much with credits of others?
    That pointless fight for credits makes no good to anyone. Think of what you are doing man, all this time wasted with angry and pointless fights for what? The community is more toxic every day, and you are certainly a part of that toxicity.

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