Scania R Realistic Air Brake


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Realistic Air Brake for Scania R Truck

Author: radow

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3 thoughts on “Scania R Realistic Air Brake

  1. вован84

    обсалютно не зацепило и я не удивился и не побежал скорее скачивать…я тебе такое же видео могу показать братишка…все это фигня на постном масле…

  2. Maybe Air Brake with ABS. Or if no ABS, then where is the sound of tires? Accelerate with 100 km/h then step on it! The tires will scream. Not only is the air brake air compressor. I’m not saying it’s easy to achieve.
    Thank you for your hard work.

    1. i change just air brake and shift sound too bee more realistic… and sound about 100km is another sound of game… i don;t aprobe this speed!.. every truck from EU comunity , the limit is 90 km/h… another just play need for speed 🙂

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